What kind of publisher is Aqua Fox Press?

We are a slightly different publisher than most. Obviously, we’re not a huge conglomerate. We are small and independent. But we also have a unique business model, which isn’t even 100% defined at this time! How excitingly open-ended is that? We will be publishing writers who wish to operate and reach their audiences outside the main commercial sphere. Meaning, the founding editors hope to publish works by colleagues who write works that are unique and contain artistic merit. Production processes will be very collaborative, and the authors will, as is perhaps the norm now, have an active role in promotion.

Can I buy AFP books on Amazon?

You can, but we don’t recommend it. The best prices on our books are available at our own site.

How do I get an AFP ebook onto my e-reader?

There are several solutions available, depending on your device. You can drag and drop from a desktop connected by wire. Or for DRM-managed devices such as Kindles, we recommend email or the desktop app.