Hello, literature lovers. We are working towards getting Associate Member status with the CLMP, the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses. One requirement we’re working towards is having our list be comprised of 50% of titles by authors other than our founder. That’s totally in line with our every goal, as we’ve been saying.

Until that happens, please enjoy the titles we have on offer. We are very much in the same boat as Spurl Editions (a press whose motto inspires us), in that we are run by a motley bunch with a zany patron saint. The effect being that changes happen like the proverbial barge on the river.

One of the great benefits of membership with the CLMP is a discounted rate on the industry-standard submissions manager app. Our plan is that with membership will come the opening of our first submissions window! Woot!

Reminder: Aqua Fox Press is a child of its parent company, Aspiring Writer Syndrome, which offers writing mentorship and classroom teaching services, editorial consultations, custom content writing, and oodles more. At Instagram, @AspringWriterSyndrome.