We are a very small press, and new. Our mission is to publish high-quality literary works that defy convention, deserve attention, and touch the souls of readers. We gleefully anticipate becoming what we hope to become, even though that may take ages and/or be a pipe dream.

Join us on the journey, not as followers, customers, likes, up-votes, clicks, or anything else. We don’t want to issue calls to action to you or make “conversions” out of you. We want to make literature that will deliver you more satisfaction, and greater edification, than a moment’s dopamine.

One thing we can say about our planned catalog is that we cannot wait to start reading what we are calling “gruesome collisions of form.”

We are working towards getting Associate Member status with the CLMP, the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses. One requirement we’re working towards is having our list be comprised of 50% of titles by authors other than our founder. Until that happens, please enjoy the titles we have on offer.